Introduction to Fermentation: Kombuchas, Kefir, Mead and other Ferments

Learn how to distinguish the different types of fermentation and start fermenting easily at home.

Create preservatives thanks to microorganisms, extend the life of your products and generate new aromas and flavors

Beer, cheese, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, wine, coffee and sausages are just some of the most common fermented foods around the world.

Fermentation is the word on everybody’s lips. At LOV ferments, we refer to biological methods of conservation as fermentation. We feed a microorganism to make substances that are harmful for others. In this way we are able to extend the life of a product. Via the generation of new substances we create unique aromas and flavors.

Cheese, beer, miso, kimchi and wine are just a few examples of the creation of alcohol or acids to extend the life of the product. Fermentation has been with us since the beginning of mankind, although how it worked only started to be understood a few hundred years ago. You have to know some basic notions to start fermenting and lose any fear of these ancestral techniques.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Initiation to ferments
Chapter 3 - Mixed fermentation
Chapter 4 - Alcoholic fermentation
Chapter 5 -Pickled products
Chapter 6 - Lactic fermentation of vegetables
Chapter 7 - Other lactic ferments
Before you go

You will learn about the different families of ferments, and how to make Kombuchas, pickles and meads, as well as the popular kimchi sauce

What you'll learn

In this online course you will learn to lose the fear of fermenting at home. We will teach you the basics in order to be able to ferment easily, making some fermentations by way of example. We will show you our creation methodology to fully verify that the fermentations have been successful. Lessons cover lactic fermentations such as cured meat, kimchi, sriracha or sauerkraut, alcoholic ones such as hydromyel or guarapo in order to later obtain a vinegar, and mixed fermentations such as kombucha or kefir.

Who is it for?

This introductory fermentation course is aimed at professionals and anyone who wants to start out or improve in the world of fermentation. To all those people who want to discover what fermentation really is, along with how to correctly use this cluster of techniques, what lies behind each step and how to make the most of the aromas and flavours that we are going to generate.

Material required

  • Glass jars with lids
  • Glass bottles
  • Desire to create life

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Very nice

AMAZING! I highly recommended!

Mok Bunrath

Very interesting


Stefano Pintus

Very Good, Excellent

I've learned so much! I loved it every step of the way

sheron williams

The course is good but...

English voice-over is just poorly done. I don't know anything about Spanish. Maybe the sentence structure is significantly different, which causes the problem, but the waiting time between two sentences in English voice-over is just too long. And that makes me feel like I'm missing some info because of a lack of translation. I feel like if I had known Spanish I would have learned much more.

Utku Yazici

nice introduction to the ferment

buona introduzione la mondo dei fermentati

andrea regonati

Me encantó este curso!

La verdad me pareci√≥ s√ļper interesante y me abri√≥ la puerta a un mundo nuevo. Hoy estoy tomando mi primer kombucha ūüę∂ Muchas gracias Robert!

Sofia Cladera

Meet your Instructor

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Chief Innovation Officer LOV FERMENTS (Barcelona, Spain)

Originally from Barcelona, but a nomad at heart, Robert worked for years as a traveling chef in the most remote places on the planet.

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  • Certificate

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Sofia Cladera
Posted 1 month ago
Me encantó este curso!

La verdad me pareci√≥ s√ļper interesante y me abri√≥ la puerta a un mundo nuevo. Hoy estoy tomando mi primer kombucha ūüę∂ Muchas gracias Robert!

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T√Ęnia Correia
Posted 4 months ago
bastante informativo

muito bom para aprender coisas novas

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andres rivas vanga
Posted 5 months ago

Well explained information

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Alexander Silgado Gallego
Posted 7 months ago

me guato mucho , recomendado.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 8 months ago
Great job

Great job

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Joaquin Salerno
Posted 8 months ago
Me encantó el curso!

Muy buenoo

Preview Image
Derek Degeer
Posted 8 months ago
Great intro to fermentation

Inspiring intro to different fermentation methods.

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Stefano Pintus
Posted 8 months ago
Very interesting


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Posted 9 months ago

gostei imenso do curso, superou as expectativas pela quantidade de informa√ß√Ķes relevantes, dicas e receitas, apenas deveria haver manual em portugu√™s

Preview Image
Manish Kumar
Posted 9 months ago

I like everything included in course and everything what i was expecting.

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