Who is Valentín Dupuy?

Executive chef of ZoYla and ambassador of the Argentine Federation of Asadores in Peru

Valentín Dupuy is a talented Argentine chef who resides in Peru and loves to share his passion for grilling. He undertook his culinary studies at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (IAG), where he completed a total of 13 specific courses.
Upon graduation, he became manager of the Argentine restaurant chain La Cabrera, where his primary mission was to create a unique customer experience. Thanks to his hard work in search of excellence, La Cabrera managed to achieve 5 forks and become one of the 50 Best in Latin America.

To date, he is the ambassador of the Argentine Grill Federation, an international group that is in charge of transmitting Argentine tradition and asado culture.

Since 2018, after establishing himself in Peru, he is now the owner and corporate chef at Zoyla, a restaurant located in the Peruvian capital, specializing in grills, asados and barbecues. For Valentín, cooking evolved from being a necessity for basic survival to an art capable of moving, surprising and connecting people. With Zoyla he seeks to share the whole of Argentine barbecue culture throughout Peru.

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