Who is Ignacio Barrios?

Entrepreneur and chef. After working in significantly well-known kitchens in various countries, he returned to Peru to start Urban Kitchen, the first participative cooking space in the country.

Ignacio Barrios initially pursued a career in management and marketing before transitioning to the culinary world, a move that laid the foundation for his success. After completing his university studies, he spent four years working for the multinational company P&G. However, an important decision to relocate to London led him to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu for culinary training. With over a decade of experience as a chef, Ignacio's career has taken him to many diverse cities, including London, New York, Stockholm, Barcelona, and Madrid. He has honed his culinary skills in esteemed kitchens such as Astrid & Gastón in Madrid (part of Acurio Restaurants), Michelin-starred establishments Wild Honey, York and Albany, and Daylesford Organic.

Ignacio has played a crucial role in the launch of various gastronomic ventures, including the renowned Pasta restaurant in Lima. He is a co-founder of Cocina Lab, an online cookery school, and actively contributes to PUCA (Peruvians United for Cuisine and Food), an association dedicated to Peruvian gastronomy. Ignacio shares his culinary insights further as a writer for the gastronomic blog El Trinche. In addition to his ventures, Ignacio serves as a tutor at PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) and is deeply involved with Urban Kitchen, the first participative cooking space in Peru. Within Urban Kitchen, he leads the sub-brands La Cocina de Urban Kitchen and Urban Chiken, the latter being a food delivery concept that emerged during the pandemic.

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