Who is Warda Bouguettaya?

An award winning pastry chef committed to pastry without borders

Born and raised in the west coast of Algeria, Warda Bouguettaya has always loved baking, but mostly eating, since she was a little girl with her grandmother and mother. At Warda Patisserie, Warda imagined a place where borders dissolve to allow space for a celebration of culture and diversity, from her life living and traveling in Algeria, France, Asia and Detroit.

Her pastries are seasonal and dependant on what’s fresh and available in Southeast Michigan, USA. Flavors of orange blossom water, mango and rhubarb all adorn her pastries harmoniously. Some familiar, others foreign, but all equally delicious and celebrated.

Warda won Outstanding Pastry Chef at the 2022 James Beard Awards and was selected as one of Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2022.

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