Who is Trigg Brown?

Chef specializing in Taiwanese-American fusion cuisine

Chef Trigg Brown started cooking in kitchens, aged 15, in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Following graduation from the University of Virginia, where he continued cooking for Taiwanese-American chef, Pei Chang. He moved to New York City to cook in Tom Colicchio’s kitchens at Colicchio & Sons and Craft. In 2015 he worked with Justin Smillie to open Steven Starr’s Upland restaurant.

In 2016, along with his business partner, Josh Ku, he opened Win Son in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. In 2019, Brown was shortlisted for the James Beard Award for “Best Chef, New York City”. In 2019, the two partners opened Win Son Bakery, a more casual Taiwanese cafe.

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