Who is Norbert Niederkofler & Fabio Curreli?

The Road to Sustainability in Haute Cuisine: The Norbert Niederkofler Approach and the Creativity of Fabio Curreli

Norbert's philosophy, developed over the years puts the product and people at the center, and during this time he has developed a local supply chain and a sustainable circular cooking system that encompasses much broader concepts than just the choice of flavors. Creator and founder of the projects "CARE's - The etic Chef Days" and "Cook the Mountain", Niederkofler is one of the three Italian chefs awarded the third Michelin star since 2018: he holds the role of chef and owner of Restaurant AlpiNN, in Planes des Corones, at 2275 meters above sea level.

Fabio Curreli's resume boasts experience in multi-star restaurants such as La Pergola in Rome and Odyssey by Heinz Beck in Monte Carlo. The cuisine of the AlpiNN restaurant follows the same principles of sustainability that inspires St. Hubertus, but in a simpler and more informal way: this young chef has created his recipes using the raw materials found at high altitudes and strictly in season, playing with combinations, preservation techniques and revisiting the classic flavors of the South Tyrolean mountains.

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