Who is Manu Buffara?

The fascinating journey of Manu Buffara, the Brazilian journalist who became a pioneering chef and activist: "I believe in the transformative role of chefs".

Manoella "Manu" Buffara is a Brazilian chef based in Curitiba, southern Brazil, and was recognized as the 2022 Best Female Chef in Latin America by 50 Best Restaurants. In recent years, she has won numerous national and international awards and honors, including ranking #48 in The Best Chef Awards in the world and being the chef and owner of the #46 restaurant on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America (both in 2022). In addition, she is ranked #19 in the top 100 chefs for the Yucatan 2023 awards.

Manu Buffarra is known for championing a social cuisine with an impact on the community and bases her dishes on native ingredients. She believes in the power of transmitting knowledge so that people can eat better and therefore, live better.

Her flagship restaurant, Manu, located in Curitiba, has been acclaimed for offering exceptional culinary experiences that highlight the diversity and quality of local ingredients. Beyond the kitchen, Buffara has advocated for sustainability and the connection between food and community, establishing herself as an influential figure that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional cuisine.

She has also been a permanent judge since 2019 at the Basque Culinary Center and one of the stars of the last four versions of the Gelinaz chef collective. Currently in addition to her restaurant Manu, in Curitiba, she also runs a pop-up restaurant at the Soneva Resort in the Maldives. She lives in Curitiba with her husband Dario de Liz, her two daughters Helena and Maria, and her Border Collie, Snow.

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