Who is Juan Manuel Herrera?

The culinary art of Juan Manuel Herrera: Where tradition and perfection come together in every bite.

Juan Manuel Herrera, a renowned baker and pastry chef from Berisso, Argentina. He is the owner of La BollerĂ­a, in the south of Buenos Aires, where he showcases his creative delicacies. Currently, he is part of the El Gourmet channel.

A graduate of the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (IAG), he completed courses in chocolate and French pastry at L'Ă©cole hoteliĂšre de Paris. His career includes key roles at El Trigal bakery, Tierra Mayor, and as a pastry chef at the Monastrell restaurant in Alicante, Spain.

Herrera also served as a professor in several institutions and shared his experience in television, participating in programs such as "Todo Dulce" and hosting "PanaderĂ­a en Casa" and "La PastelerĂ­a". Together with MarĂ­a Laura D'Aloisio, he co-wrote books such as "PanaderĂ­a de AquĂ­ y AllĂĄ" and "PanaderĂ­a" for UtilĂ­sima. His influence extends to consulting and training in various gastronomic establishments.

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