Who is Bruno Stril?

A Culinary Master: From Michelin Stars to Gastronomic Mentoring

Born in Bayonne, in the Aquitaine region, Chef Bruno Stril commenced his culinary odyssey as an apprentice at the revered 2-star restaurant La Café de Paris. Through dedication and passion, he swiftly cultivated his culinary identity, gracing the kitchens of prestigious Parisian dining establishments like Les Armes de Bretagne.

In 1981, Chef Stril ascended to the position of Chef de Cuisine at the esteemed 4-star hotel restaurant L’Hîtel du Palais in Biarritz. His innovative approach to cuisine garnered acclaim, leading him to helm the kitchens of iconic venues such as Maxim’s in Paris. Furthermore, Chef Stril played a pivotal role in the inception of Maxim’s branches in bustling cities like Shanghai and Geneva.

From September 2002 to 2012, Chef Stril joined forces with the distinguished team of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, imparting his wealth of knowledge and expertise to aspiring chefs. Following a decade of shaping culinary talent, he chose to embark on a new chapter in 2012, transitioning to a role as a revered Chef consultant, where his culinary legacy continues to inspire and influence.


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