Who is Brent Young?

His determined personality and his passion for butchering have led him to build a legacy, but also a community

Professional chef and butcher, who began his journey in the world of cooking at the age of 15. Later, at age 24 while in graduate school, he got his start in the world of butchery. Moving to New York he opened Marlow & Daughters butcher shop in 2008, he quickly moved on to open The Meat Hook in November 2009. The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop is the first and only New York Times star-rated sandwich shop. He also opened Rippers in Rockaway Beach, Whitfield in Pittsburgh, PA inside the Ace Hotel and the Cozy Royale.

The Meat Hook has led the quality meat movement for over 20 years, linking the best meat producers in New York State with passionate chefs and amateur cooks, from a conscious and eco-friendly perspective, pioneering the consumption and whole animal butchery that promotes ethical and moral agriculture, without neglecting the importance of flavor.

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