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  • Sussan ScoolinaryTeam

    April 21, 2024 at 17:46

    Hi @james-muhindi

    After baking and cooling, macarons are usually frozen to preserve them.

    You can store unfilled macarons in plastic containers or resealable freezer bags. Be sure to label the container with the freezing date and the type of Macaron inside.

    If you don’t plan to consume your macarons quickly, you can freeze them. You must take them out of the freezer and keep them at room temperature (20ºC) at least 2 hours before consumption. Frozen macarons can last up to 3 months.

    We hope this information is helpful.


  • Sol Damiani

    April 22, 2024 at 19:04

    Hi Chef @james-muhindi👋

    Welcome to our Community! I hope you feel totally at home. Where are you from? I’m Sol from Buenos Aires and I’m the Community Builder.

    I hope Sussan’s answer helped you. Please let us know if it did.

    I want to invite you to explore our Feed. There you can:

    • Share your dish pics and videos (up to 10MB). There’s a chance you’ll win a #ScooliStar. if your pic is great and the plating, too; we’ll upload it, mentioning you on our Instagram stories.
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    Have a super great day and hope to see you around often!

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