Who is Xueci Cheng?

My mission is to bring those tastes from my home to yours.

I'm a self-taught home cook, culinary creative, and the content creator behind the social media and newsletter project Chill Crisp.

Growing up in Sichuan, China, I developed a deep passion for food and flavors from an early age. At 21, I moved to Germany and began my quest to recreate the tastes of my homeland. My journey led me to become a food editor at a prominent German cooking platform, where I honed my skills in recipe development and food writing. While I explored various culinary topics, my heart has always been devoted to Chinese cuisine.

Currently, I share videos and written content that delve into Sichuan and other regional Chinese foods, blending historical context, personal stories, and cooking techniques. Chinese culinary culture is incredibly rich and diverse, and I continue to learn something new every day. My passion is to bring the flavors of my home to your kitchen through my research and approachable recipes.

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