Who is Quique Dacosta?

Self-taught and talented, his cooking is expressed through art that is reflected not only in aesthetics, but above all, in the flavor of each dish.

Nature, art, or even the present moment: for Quique Dacosta, any stimulus that can make one dream, reflect or move, can become an ingredient in his recipes.
Originally from Extremadura (Spain), but Valencian by adoption, he entered the kitchen at the age of fourteen and there he discovered his vocation. With five Michelin stars, two for El Poblet and three for Restaurant Quique Dacosta, he has been among the ten best rated chefs on the European continent for the past five years. He is one of the main representatives of avant-garde cuisine on an international level, as well as a great defender of innovative and surprising ideas that respect tradition and current trends.

Truely a sacred monster of the kitchen, for whom elegance and charm are not aesthetic whims, but languages through which he communicates and expresses the world to his customers.
Quique Dacosta's cuisine stands out for being innovative, sustainable and focused on local ingredients, with a creative and sophisticated presentation that seeks to surprise and delight his customers.

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