Who is Grace Yung & Neil Harkins?

Two Chefs and a Knife are two content creators consisting of Chef Neal and Chef Grace based out of Vancouver Canada. Both gaining an audience through YouTube shorts and TikTok .

Chef Neal is a seasoned chef with almost 30 years experience in high end hotels and large volume catering. He is currently running his own kitchen in Whistler, British Columbia directing  a brigade that caters to thousands of people.

Chef Grace started her career almost 20 years ago in hotels and in  5 star luxury resorts and also has experience in running large volume kitchens.

Both Chef Grace and Chef Neal have an extreme passion for food and for entertaining their audience. They like to make cooking fun and easy for people, encouraging a new generation of chefs and foodies. It is their life goal to ensure everyone has the capability to know the basics of the culinary arts.

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