Who is Natacha Gomez?

Multi talented Chef and business woman, who combines her love of food and advocacy to deliver lasting change.

Passionate about tourism and gastronomy, Natacha became a government representative appointed to promote tourism in Haiti. She is also an ambassador for the Food Travel Tourism Association in New York, USA.

The world is discovering Natacha’s style of cooking as the Co-owner of Classy Pairings and Chef Natacha Gomez. Classy Pairings is a catering and event company started by Natacha and her daughter Keisha Barrella. Natacha also offers her services as a wine specialist. Her cuisine ranges from the Tainos to The New Caribbean Gastronomy which is about revisiting traditional dishes with a modern twist and promoting local, fresh and organic products.

Though Chef Natacha  loves breathing new life into classics, she sought to preserve traditional Haitian recipes with her book “Bak Fritay”, winner at the 2020 the World Gourmet Cookbook Awards. The book highlights Haitian street food for all to enjoy. Her company, INVESTA HAITI, created the label 100% Lokal, a movement to help promote buying locally sourced products to boost the region’s economy. As a Chef Instructor and Certified Trainer of Trainers for Disaster Relief, she oversees operations and kitchen services for more than 25,000 a day.

She also has her line of products that range from hot sauces, jams, spices, and traditional desserts. Chef Natacha combined her love of food and advocacy and joined the U.N Chefs’ Manifesto to promote sustainable eating. She is also featured in “The Cookbook In Support Of The United Nations: For People and Planet”. Food is not her only passion; she is deeply involved in her community by working with two womens NGOs to help reduce the gender gap and empower women.

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