Who is Mario Sandoval?

One of the leading exponents of the Spanish avant-garde

Mario Sandoval, born in 1977, leads the restaurant Coque, born as a small tavern in Madrid in 1947 by the hand of his grandparents, to the top. He studied at the "Escuela Superior de Dirección de Cocina y Catering" in Madrid and undertook the classic apprenticeship as a chef between France and Spain, before taking the reins of the family restaurant in 1999. He immediately transformed the restaurant's identity behind a more "avant-garde" specific direction, through an intense path of research, experimentation and exploration of the supply chain of local raw materials.

In 2004 he got his first Michelin star at the restaurant Coque and together with his brothers he opened other restaurant related businesses in the following years. In his course he is willing to transmit all his passion for culinary research, showing very advanced and innovative techniques.

To date he has conducted several researches about innovation in culinary products. For example: egg hydrolysis, supercritical fluid extraction, bioactive polyphenols extracted from grapes and live foods (fermented, probiotic and prebiotic). To date, he has conducted several researches on innovation in culinary products.


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