Who is Lorena Hidalgo?

Lorena inherited her mother's and her paternal grandmother's good hand in the kitchen, and since she was a little girl she liked to be in the kitchen. But she was also a good student, so she decided to study a career.

She began her professional career in the luxury sector in the marketing department and after 10 years she continued working in technology companies for another 10 years. She continued cooking during all that time, but always as a hobby until her passion for cooking led her to start her professional career again.

She studied the Superior Degree of Kitchen Management (Madrid) and after her internship, she started working with Diego Guerrero (** Michelin) where she discovered the hospitality industry at a professional level.

After the pandemic, she turned her life around and founded Scoolinary where, thanks to all her trajectory and experience, she can put at the service of all users, the best of each world: the kitchen and the internet.

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