Who is Lisa Ludwinski?

Bakery owner with a big-hearted mission

Lisa Ludwinski spent her childhood in Milford, Michigan, making too-salty cookies and directing her neighbor friends in home movies. She studied Theatre Arts at Kalamazoo College before moving away to Brooklyn, NY to pursue dreams of directing. Naturally, the vibrant food culture of New York led to distraction that resulted in a low-budget cooking show called Funny Side Up that Lisa filmed in the many tiny apartment kitchens she inhabited over the course of her six-year stay.

In 2012, she moved back to Michigan with dreams of opening a bakery with a big-hearted mission: make delicious food and treat her community (employees, neighbors, partners) well. Lisa launched Sister Pie out of her parent’s Milford kitchen and began to build the business piece-by-piece, with the help of many supporters and a whole lot of dancing. She and a small crew of passionate women opened the doors to the Detroit pie shop in April 2015, and they’ve been hustling ever since.

The Sister Pie cookbook was published in 2018 and has sold over 70,000 copies.  Lisa currently resides in the West Village of Detroit with her five-year-old pitbull, Ruby.

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