Who is Karime López?

A culinary magician who won a Michelin star while leading the ‘zero waste’ revolution in fine dining.

The first female Mexican chef to obtain a Michelin star, successfully leads the kitchen of Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy, owned by renowned chef Massimo Bottura. In just two years, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, highlighting her ability to fuse Italian essence with Mexican touches.

In addition to her culinary excellence, Karime is an advocate for sustainability. Following Bottura's philosophy, she promotes environmentally friendly culinary practices and uses local products. Her commitment to sustainability is an integral part of her culinary approach.

Karime López represents the pride of Mexican gastronomy on the world stage. Her influence transcends the kitchen by incorporating sustainability values in each dish, setting a standard for gastronomy that is both conscious and delicious.

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