Who is Juancho de la Rica?

He has contributed to revolutionizing the world of fast food in Madrid.

Today he’s known for elevating the concept of "fast food" to a more gourmet level without losing its youthful and casual vibe.

Born in Madrid in 1985, he’s the only son of a journalist and a property manager. After attending primary school in the Majadahonda public schools and the CEU of Montepríncipe, he chose to study Economics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He completed his studies there, having spent two academic periods in New York and Krakow. His first professional career began at the age of 18, writing about cars in niche magazines.

Once he finished his degree, he began a period of work in which he combined positions ranging from consulting to international business development.

In 2018, he decided to give professional shape to the other passion in his life: cooking. He founded Juancho's BBQ, starting the restaurant entirely from scratch and taking on the role of head chef during the first year and a half. He currently serves as CEO of the company, which has eight establishments to date with two more openings in progress.

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