Who is Igles Corelli?

An ever evolving cuisine that inevitably becomes more complex and articulate

Igles Corelli features in the history of Italian cuisine and beyond. He won the stars tattooed on his arm when his competitors were Gualtiero Marchesi and Frédy Girardet. The golden times that he lived with passion were those of Trigabolo de Argenta, where Corelli was the leader of a brigade that today we would define as a "dream team" perhaps, because of the anarchy and creative genius that circulated there. Igles is an undisputed master of Italian hospitality, the inventor of Garibaldine cuisine and the Circular Kitchen. He was one of the first to exploit raw materials that were not part of the haute cuisine cliché, and to favor ingredients from his territory, to create recipes and dishes that have set the standard.

Someone by the name of Igles was destined to become a voice outside of the choir. He grew up in his parents' trattoria in Alfonsine, the land of Sangiovese, and since he was little he dreamed of being famous. In his long and intense career as a top chef, Igles has exceeded his parents' expectations. At the age of 22, he became the head of a brigade more unique than rare, that of the Trigabolo creative laboratory in Argenta, from which 21 starred chefs have emerged. Born as a provincial pizzeria, under his direction, in 13 years it became the second Italian restaurant after Gualtiero Marchesi's, obtaining the first two Michelin stars. Histronic, surprising and revolutionary, chef Corelli, with his Emilia-Romagna smile, is the man who invented Garibaldina Cuisine and Circular Cuisine, which has now become an economic trend.

Beginning in the 1980s, Corelli revolutionized the world of taste with dishes that have become classics, and today his recipe shows continue to be among the most popular on television.
He was the first chef to introduce the concept of Circular Kitchen in the editions of his program on the Gambero Rosso Channel (2012/2013), to describe his own philosophy of respect for ingredients. In Igles's kitchen, as in nature, nothing is overlooked or thrown away, everything is transformed with the help of technology in the kitchen, of which he has always been a fervent supporter.
From 2010 to 2017 he was executive chef at the Atman restaurant, in the province of Pistoia, where his research work and his passion for service led him to receive important recognitions, such as a Michelin star.

Igles is the author of 12 cook books, the most recent of which are “La caza de Igles”  and “Il Gusto di Igles”.

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