Who is Hardeep Rehal?

Award winning cocktail expert who loves to apply his scientific background to research and development

Indian roots, British born, Hardeep Singh RehaI moved to Denmark with his parents when he was quite young. He became curious about bartending while studying engineering at Danish Technical University. He loves to apply science to alcohol, and the challenges of doing so have kept him on this path since 2003.

Hardeep has been competing in bartending competitions since 2007, earning various titles and awards among others, the Diageo World Class Danish National champion in 2014, and again in 2021 when he took 4th place in the global finals.
He currently co-owns a high volume cocktail bar & nightclub in Copenhagen called Blume.

He also has a company  Cocktailsolutions.dk where he carries out R&D in and outside the bar, collaborating with companies from across different industries where he truly gets to utilize his scientific background.

Hardeep says, ‘if all this cocktail talk is starting to bore you, ask me about my professional contemporary dance career and how it led to my being introduced to nightlife, and ultimately the cocktail bar.’

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