Who is Hans Ovando & Elena Adell?

Professional pastry course leaders at Be Chef school

Hans Ovando embarked on his culinary journey at the age of 20, leaving Chile for Spain to explore the world and immerse himself in gastronomy. Initially inclined towards cooking, fate led him to the world of pastry. He honed his skills at the Hoffman School of Hotel Management in Barcelona, further enriching his knowledge through courses at renowned institutions like Espai Sucre, and the école nationale supérieure de pâtisserie in France and Italy. Working alongside esteemed pastry professionals such as Carles Mampel at Bubó pastry shop, he embraced a creative and innovative approach to pastry.

During his tenure at the world-renowned el Bulli restaurant, a three Michelin-star establishment and a fixture on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Hans Ovando imbibed a philosophy that "the impossible is done on the spot, and miracles take a little longer to arrive," a mindset that has guided his career ever since. From 2015 onward, Hans dedicated himself to international training, traveling the globe to impart his pastry expertise and knowledge.

Elena, on the other hand, began her culinary journey in esteemed kitchens such as Manairó, Châteaux de Riell, and Dos Cielos, where she imbibed the values of organization and precision in her work. She started her pastry career in Barcelona, securing her first pastry position at the prestigious Bubó pastry shop, a place she had always admired. Here, she had the privilege of working alongside the acclaimed Carles Mampel and Hans Ovando. Later, she assumed the role of head baker at Sant Croi, working directly under the guidance of Albert Roca, a master recognized for his award-winning butter croissants. Together, they redefined traditional pastry.

Since 2019, Elena has been dedicated to teaching haute cuisine at the Sant Ignasi - Sarrià school in Barcelona, sharing her passion and knowledge with aspiring chefs.

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