Who is Grace Ramírez?

Chef Cookbook Author, Global TV Personality, Activist and Entrepreneur

Born in Miami at the heart of a Venezuelan family, Grace grew up among influences from a diverse array of Latin countries, including Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico, where her mother now lives. She further expanded her horizons as a young adult living in New York City, where she received her professional training at the French Culinary Institute.

In New Zealand, Grace was drawn to the Kiwis’ hunter-gatherer mentality, devotion to seasonal produce, and commitment to garden-to-table cooking. She took it upon herself to pursue a hands-on education in their techniques, including the nose-to-tail food preparation method — learning how to slaughter, skin, preserve, and cook game meats to ensure the whole animal is utilized and waste is reduced.These sustainable philosophies continue to guide Grace’s approach in everything from recipe development to large-scale partnership execution, resulting in food that truly nourishes body and soul.

Between her upbringing in Latin America, adulthood in New York City and New Zealand, and enduring desire to explore new culinary frontiers, Grace innately understands how food can be a powerful, tangible expression of a culture. And, as a seasoned storyteller and producer who has worked for more than a decade across television and print media, Grace knows how to translate her global perspective into artfully curated live events, activations, and partnerships. Grace also plays an active role with This is About Humanity, IsraAid, and Wellness in the Schools, among many others.

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