Who is Fran Segura?

Designer of Ă©clairs and desserts that bring out the freshness and quality of well-made pastry

Fran Segura has captivated the public with his innovative techniques and creative finishes. His style is based on contemporary pastry made with seasonal products and respect for the ingredients, with special emphasis on Ă©clairs. It’s a total gastronomic experience to experience the flavors and creativity of his Ă©clairs, which are edible luxuries to be paired with a high quality coffee.

He was formerly known as “the chocolate chef.” It was this ingredient that brought him closer to the world of pastry-making. While in Alicante (Spain), he discovered his vocation in the versatility of chocolate. A world opened up to him that went beyond chocolate bars; he could use chocolate for everything, from fillings to original sculptures.

He has won several awards since the start of his career in 2000, among them the silver medal in the European Pastry . The same year he was also a member of the Spanish national team at the World Culinary Cup in Luxembourg.

For him, the success of a creation is when the diner is eager to eat the next dish or dessert – this success is achieved by being consistent. He explains that one of the worst mistakes in pastry is to oversaturate desserts with sugar and fat, which overshadow the main product.

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