Who is Florencia Rey?

Commencing her journey in the kitchen, she ultimately found her radiant place in the dining room. Her expertise seamlessly marries cuisine and libations in an exquisite fusion.

Maido has been the primary stage for most of her sommelier career development. Her role involves crafting a menu where wines shine as stars, intricately entwined with the essence of the Nikkei culinary concept.

Hailing from Argentina, María Florencia Rey's fascination with aromas began in childhood, stirred by her mother's cooking, her grandmother's wine sips, and her own small glass of vermouth while cooking.

Nutrition initially beckoned due to her interest in food. But she soon realized the office wasn't her realm and turned to gastronomy studies instead.

Her culinary journey led her to L'Ecole School in Buenos Aires, where the idea of becoming a sommelier took root. Although a relatively nascent profession in Argentina, she embraced the risk, completed her studies, and initially ventured into the kitchen.

Subsequently, she embarked on a three-year technical course in Protocol and Ceremonial. By 2008, her enrollment in the Sommelier program at EAS (Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers) solidified her path. This marked her perpetual immersion into the world of wine, and her training expanded to encompass tea, coffee, and cheese.

In 2011, a captivating allure drew her to Peru's culinary scene. While there, she graced the kitchens of renowned establishments like Mayta (Jaime Pesaque), Central (Virgilio Martinez), and Maido (Mitsuharu Tsumura), each securing a spot on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Her journey with Maido commenced in 2014 and continues to this day. Notably, she clinched the coveted title of Best Sommelier at the 2022 Summum Awards.

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