Who is Eunyoung Yun?

Pastry chef, business founder, international teacher and published author

Chef Eunyoung Yun, started baking as a hobby as a child, and started pastry in earnest at the age of 17. She participated in various competitions, winning in categories such as chocolate showpiece, sugar showpiece, and pastry award while attending a vocational school. Through these experiences, she fell deeply in love with the beautiful form of pastry and desserts, and the potential for artistic expression. At the same time, she felt a thirst for the essence of pastry - the taste, the flavor, the variety of ingredients and techniques.

After graduating, she gained experience in high-level pastry shops and hotels, allowing her to elevate her sense of taste and flavor while learning from great chefs. Through this experience, Chef Yun Eunyoung began to establish her own pastry style and in 2012 finally opened her first pastry boutique, ‘Garuharu,’ in Seoul.

Through word of mouth, Garuharu has become popular among dessert epicures and known for its variations on classic patisserie, the use of ingredients and techniques not limited to desserts, and beautiful designs. Hence, it became known as a place to line up early in order to buy one of their coveted creations.

Currently, Chef Yun Eunyoung runs the Garuharu Pastry Academy in Seoul and travels internationally, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, to share Garuharu-style pastries with the world.


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