Who is Diego Rossi?

Escape from sophistication by revolutionizing traditional Italian cooking

Trippa restaurant opened in 2015 and since then it has been the most talked about restaurant in Milan.
Diego Rossi, the creative mind behind the project, started out in Verona (Italy). His talents took him to great kitchens such as Bauer in Venice, chef Norbert Niederkofler's St. Hubertus (2 Michelin Stars) and Delle Antiche Contrade.

With a restless mind after experiencing the virtues and shortcomings of haute cuisine, he decided to work on something of his own, and with it came Trippa, a project that had no intention of replicating the demands of fine dining. Trippa's philosophy is based on "a place where you can eat a product of the highest quality, prepared with knowledge, and in an informal atmosphere".

A simple concept that does not fall into the superficial. A very precise name that reflects something that comes from within, that is linked to oneself. Straight from the gut!

Diego Rossi affirms that the most important quality a chef can possess is sensitivity. That is the ability to get the best from each product without distorting it.

Another pillar is respect for the environment and zero waste. For this reason, nothing in Diego’s kitchen is thrown away. All cuts from an animal are used, even the most difficult offal; and the same happens with the vegetables.
He also shows commitment to his team of people, promoting the trend of rethinking work schedules in restaurant businesses to achieve a more sustainable and balanced life.

In 2021 he opened Osteria Alla Concorrenza, a small place that shines thanks to the pairing of appetizers and good wines.
Today Diego Rossi retains his improvisational spark, surprising guests with off menu dishes according to availability and the chef’s mood.

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