Who is Cristiano Tomei?

A representative of the Italian cuisine of the future

Viareggio in his bones and in his marrow, a past around the world and a present between Milan, Lucca and Venice, collecting experiences and memories everywhere to put them in his dishes: that's Cristiano Tomei, self-taught chef and owner of the restaurant "L'Imbuto" in the historic Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca.

His irresistible friendliness and typically Tuscan humor have made him a popular star of television programs such as "La Prova del Cuoco", "I Re della Griglia" and, above all, "Cuochi d'Italia". But it is his ability to rework the most classic flavors of his land in a novel way, transforming raw materials into dishes of surprising appearance and classic flavors, that has earned him a place among the great names of Italian cuisine.



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