Who is Carlos Gaviria?

He has resurrected regional techniques to become the author of the best Colombian cookbook for professionals.

Among his various works, his worldwide, award-winning book Arepas Colombianas, stands out. Carlos Hernando Gaviria Arbel√°ez has received several awards for his seminal work in the written press, as well as in radio and television.

He’s been a permanent columnist for the magazines La Barra, Carrusel de la Casa Editorial El Tiempo, and Voz a Voz. He’s also been a culinary contributor to different publications such as Aló, Poder, Buen Vivir, Catering, Semana Cocina, and other media outlets such as RCN and Caracol.

He’s been a juror at many Colombian and international competitions and festivals.

He has been a guest lecturer at Colombia’s main culinary conferences and festivals.

Today he owns his own restaurant brands. He also has three books to his name that seek to honor Colombian cuisine: Arepas Colombianas; Envoltorios Colombianos: cocina en hojas; and Técnicas Profesionales de Cocina Colombiana.


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