Who is Carles Tejedor?

A curious chef who seeks to understand all the factors that come into play in the kitchen, in order to take it to the next level

Born in 1975, Carles Tejedor is more than just a chef. His curiosity has led him not only to seek perfection in his dishes, but to go further in understanding all of the factors that come into play in the kitchen.
After receiving excellent recognition as head of the kitchen at the legendary Vía Veneto restaurant in Barcelona, he opted to create Oilmotion, through which he delves into the world of oil from multiple perspectives, and has become one of the most renowned international ambassadors of this product. He has participated for 10 years as a speaker in the Master's Degree in Science and Cooking at Harvard University and today, in addition to continuing to investigate oil, he is triumphing in Barcelona with concepts as diverse as Sofía Barcelona or El Nacional (a spectacular multi-space restaurant with its own cookbook and products) and as a partner with Chef José Andrés at ThinkFood Group.

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