Who is Borja Sierra?

Borja Sierra is a chef with a distinct personality that is reflected in his own kitchen and in the new concept that he has created to define it. '' Neighborhood haute cuisine ''. This is how he defines high-level cuisine with outstanding taste and finesse at his Granja Elena Restaurant, located in the Zona Franca neighborhood of Barcelona.

It was in 1974 when his parents and aunt opened what was then a farm and delicatessen where local workers came for breakfast or lunch, and were attracted by the good hand of Olga, who was the matriarch in the kitchen. Therefore it is not surprising that behind the style of the chef Borja Sierra, the heritage of his mother Olga, and aunt Carmen, can be sensed. And, of course, the Basque chef Hilario Arbelaitz, with whom he trained for some time.

When Borja joined the kitchens of Granja Elena, a great change took place within his establishment. After a tour of some of the most important kitchens in Spain, learning from the great masters, the Sierra family adopted its current motto: "haute cuisine in the neighborhood". Based on homemade and popular recipes, they offer dishes that use haute cuisine techniques to prepare a curated selection of seasonal products.

Thanks to this accumulation of knowledge, Borja Sierra offers us his techniques and secrets about the exciting world of legumes.


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