Who is Adam Biderman?

Seasoned chef and restaurateur, passionate about keeping alive the American burger tradition

New Orleans native Adam Biderman essentially grew up in the kitchen. Both of his parents were deeply passionate and adept at cooking and most of his early memories were steeped in Southern entertaining traditions, convening at the family table and connecting over shared culinary experiences.

He started out in restaurants at a young age, working as a dishwasher and a line cook. After graduating high school, Biderman left New Orleans to attend the University of Georgia before quickly realizing his real calling was not in the classroom, but in the kitchen. He made the move to Atlanta where worked at some of the city’s well regarded establishments.

Biderman spent six years in Atlanta learning from talent before he felt the undeniable urge to return home to New Orleans. His return home was sparked by a fortuitous meeting with local restaurateur and entrepreneur, Neal Bodenheimer, at his craft cocktail bar, Cure. Bodenheimer was at the forefront of the Freret Street renovation, and Biderman, inspired by the energy of the street and movement on the horizon, decided to set up shop in New Orleans and open his first restaurant concept.

His dream was realized in 2011 with the opening of The Company Burger, a restaurant that celebrates a staple of culinary Americana without skimping on the quality of ingredients and a chef driven approach. The restaurant has received national acclaim, including a nod as “Best Burger in America,” from Food & Wine, being named “The Most Perfect of All Sandwiches” from Esquire and among the “Top 10 Burgers in America” from CNN.  Biderman himself has also attracted acclaim as a Star Chefs “Rising Star” and “Chef to Watch” from The Times-Picayune.

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