Who is Ximena Llosa?

Host of the TV show Ximena en Casa and owner of La Cocina de Ximena.

Ximena defines herself as a chef, wife and mom. Her love for cooking began in childhood, so as a child she used to sell desserts as a hobby. After finishing high school, she began studying hotel management and then did her professional internship at the emblematic restaurant Astrid & Gaston.

After that she moved to Europe. He studied at the IPCA in Milan and at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She then went to Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile with her husband and young children. At that time she worked in restaurants, catering services and giving cooking classes.

She returned to Peru eager to teach what she had learned. In 2014 she entered the program Oh Diosas! of Movistar TV. There she gained more ground in cooking for television: surrounded by cameras, lights and live audience. This gave way to her later having her own television program: Ximena en Casa. The purpose was to transmit the love for cooking at home through simple and special recipes for every occasion.

Today she lives in Lima and is dedicated to her program and a personal project that is closely linked to her values and what she seeks to transmit: La Cocina de Ximena.

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