Who is Meilan Kao?

The Kao family has been a prominent name in the realm of Chinese cuisine in Barcelona for three generations. Meilan Kao, a graduate in International Trade and Business, is the granddaughter of Kao Tze Chien, who served as the chef of the first Chinese restaurant in Spain. Growing up with Chinese culture and traditions deeply embedded in her family, Meilan Kao joined the family business over six years ago.

During her time at the family restaurant, Shanghai in Barcelona, she honed her culinary skills working alongside her father, Josep Maria Kao. It wasn't until 2013 that she specialized in Dim Sum, a Cantonese specialty, developing a deep appreciation for these small Chinese tapas and becoming a Dumpling Maker, an expert in dumplings.

Since then, her restaurant, KAO Dim Sum in Barcelona, has risen to prominence as one of the city's most successful eateries. It is the first Dim Sum gastrotaberna in Barcelona, focusing on dumplings and small Chinese tapas.

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