Who is Matías Dragun?

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Among his distinctions, he is a Chocolate World Ambassador and winner of both LATAM Gelato in Argentina and the 2020 Gelato World Cup in Italy.

Pastry chef, Matías Dragun, was born in Buenos Aires and began his career 20 years ago by working in restaurants, hotels, pastry shops, and cooking schools. He was a teacher at the Instituto de Gastronomía de Argentina for five years and then he was the director of the Centro de Estudios Culinarios de Ariel Rodríguez Palacios for 10 years, until he decided to turn to his own projects. He is currently a consultant and teacher at his own school. He also has his own ice cream parlors in Miami and Buenos Aires.

In recent years he has been dedicated to competions and has won the National Championship of Artisan Ice Cream as team captain in 2018. The team, representing Argentina, became the Latin American champions of artisan ice cream in 2019. They earned entry into the Ice Cream World Cup held in Rimini, in January 2020, and scored third place, as well as received the award for Best Innovative Ice Cream.

In 2022 he formed the National Pastry Team of Argentina (Pampa), which represented the country in the 2022 America's Cup of Pastry and claimed  third place, which qualified the team for the World Cup in Lyon in 2023.

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