Who is Lorena Salinas?

Peruvian chef, food blogger, photographer and entrepreneur based in ChilePeruvian chef, food blogger, photographer and entrepreneur based in Chile.

Lorena has always been interested in photography. She began her career studying business administration in Lima, Peru; during her time at university she was a photographer and editor-in-chief of a student magazine. She then worked for a well-known airline as a Commercial Analyst, a job that led her to move to Santiago.

Once settled in Chile she decided to quit her job to follow her true passion; for this she traveled to London to study cooking at Le Cordon Bleu, where she would graduate with the Grand Diplome, the most complete program of Classical French Cuisine and Pastry techniques available today.

In 2015 she started the blog Cravings Journal, while continuing her studies. Lorena took advantage to take some photography courses, to gradually improve her skills; two years after opening the blog she realized the great growth potential it had, then, she launches her YouTube channel and her blog in English.

Since 2020 she is the owner of Flambée Shop, an online store specializing in utensils and kitchenware designed for the kitchen, grills, pastry and bakery.

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