Who is Juan Manuel Umbert?

Juan Manuel is chef and one of the owners of "Pasta" restaurant in Lima. The restaurant specializes in fresh pasta, with different sauces, following the Italian tradition.

Juan Manuel is one of the young promises of the Peruvian gastronomic scene. He studied administration in the city of Lima, but soon realized that cooking was his thing.

After finishing his degree, he decided to move to London to study at Le Cordon Bleu. There he received an offer to work at Restaurant Story, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Some time later he moved to New York to work at Aska and Blanca, both restaurants with two Michelin stars.

In Peru he has worked in restaurants such as Astrid & Gastón, La Bodega de la Trattoria, Félix and Siete.

Despite working for important brands, the dream of a place of his own was always in his mind. That is why in 2019 he opened Pasta, a restaurant specialized in preparing fresh pasta, breads and cheeses that seeks to conquer the palate of Lima and become a reference. This project started with comfort food style proposals of traditional and familiar Italian cuisine; which, shortly after opening its first and only location, achieved great acceptance by foodies and specialized gastronomic press. One of its great challenges was to introduce a classic Italian menu in a country that combines everything; today we see that it was successfully achieved.

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