Who is Jiho Kim?

A mindful chef who combines his Michelin-Starred pastry experience, Korean roots, and creativity

Chef Kim has had a long and distinguished career in the restaurant industry. He started his career as a pastry chef in 2004, eventually making his way as Executive Pastry Chef of The Modern in NYC, which holds two Michelin stars.

During the pandemic, Chef Kim returned to his Korean roots. It was in this time he was able to build the vision for and realize his dream of opening his own restaurant. In 2020, Chef Kim opened up a pop-up restaurant in K-town, New York, which was a smashing success. In 2021, Chef Kim opened Michelin-Starred Joomak Banjum, a Korean-Chinese fusion executed with French technique and expressed through New York culture.

At DDOBAR, a full service bar located in Olly Olly Food Hall & Market, NYC, the decadent tasting menu features Chef Kim’s viral creation, the Yubu Tart. Yubu (fried tofu) is the vehicle through which pockets of delectable and divine tastes are delivered.

A cornerstone of Chef Kim’s vision is that people come not only for the food, but also for the service, atmosphere, and overall experience. The culture of his restaurants is of paramount importance to him.

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