Who is Javier de las Muelas?

Master cocktail maker, both classic and avant-garde. Great communicator and expert in the world of cocktails.

Successful businessman, advocate of the culture of service. Owner of the legendary Gimlet and Dry Martini in Barcelona, considered one of the best bars in the world. He manages restaurants and cocktail bars in different parts of the world with large hotel chains in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Singapore, Mexico, Sorrento, Hangzhou, etc., which accredit him as one of the great references both nationally and internationally; they are an example of his particular interpretation of the culture of the Bar, where the constant search for excellence in service always prevails. Taking care of others.

In November 2018 took place in Barcelona the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Dry Martini Barcelona, 7 days of celebrations shared with more than 150 bars around the world and with the presence of the most outstanding national and international bartenders and mixologists.

Awarded with important awards such as: the "HELEN DAVID LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" the highest award worldwide in the cocktail industry, in recognition of his career in the 13th annual gala of the SPIRITED AWARDS of THE TALES OF THE COCKTAIL in New Orleans in the most important cocktail competition worldwide. The TALES OF THE COCKTAIL in New Orleans, the most important cocktail competition in the world.

In 2017 he received the Gourmet Award by Esquire magazine being considered one of the ten most iconic personalities of the last decade.

He received the National Award for Internationalization at the XII Edition of the FEHR Awards in León (2018) and the nomination as a new member of the Acadèmia Catalana de Gastronomia i Nutrició (2019).

In 2020 he again received the award in recognition of the trajectory and as a promoter and entrepreneur of heritage and new horizons in the gastronomic field by the Acadèmia Catalana de Gastronomia i Nutrició.

He lectures around the world and has published several books on the universe surrounding the cocktail. He collaborates in the Bullipedia project with Ferran Adriá and ElBullifoundation, developing the 5 volumes of EL SAPIENS DE LOS CÓCTELES, COCTELERÍA Y BARTENDERS, a work in which Javier de las Muelas has poured all his knowledge and experience. He is a member of the Bullipedia project with Ferran Adriá and ElBullifoundation.

He currently directs the Master in Business Management Food & Beverage OSTELEA tourism school of the Planeta group, an online master's degree aimed at professionals in the hospitality and gastronomy.

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