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Modern Italian Cuisine

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  1. Chapter 1 – Presentation and Recipe Book
    About this course
  2. Meet your instructor
  3. 5 Essentials
  4. CHAPTER 2 – Squid ink orzotto, scampi, strawberries and green tomatoes
    Squid ink orzotto: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  5. Preparation of the strawberry sauce and tomato sauces
  6. Preparation of the prawn broth
  7. Preparation of the orzotto
  8. Finishing and presentation of the squid ink orzotto
  9. CHAPTER 3 – Spaghettini with clams and charred lime peel powder
    Spaghettini with clams, sea beans: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  10. Preparation of the parsley sauce
  11. Preparation of the clams
  12. Finishing and presentation of the Spaghettini with clams
  13. CHAPTER 4 – Lobster, Artemide rice sauce, peaches in kimchi, moringa oil
    Lobster in Kimchi: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  14. Preparation of the rice foam
  15. Preparation of the lobster
  16. Preparation of the peach kimchi
  17. Preparation of the yuba and presentation of the lobster
  18. CHAPTER 5 – Oyster, mignonette tapioca, Jerusalem artichoke
    Oysters and mignonette sauce: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  19. Preparation of the tapioca in mignonette sauce
  20. Preparation of the sunchoke foam
  21. Finishing and presentation of the Oyster, mignonette tapioca
  22. Chapter 6 – Chicken, All of it
    Chicken, all of it: Presentation of the ingredients
  23. Preparation of the chicken consomé
  24. Preparation of the chicken liver
  25. Preparation of the mushrooms sauce
  26. Preparation of the konjac noodles
  27. Finishing and presentation of the Chicken, all of it
  28. What you’ll learn
  29. Recommended Equipment
  30. More information about Cristina Bowerman
  31. Bonus Chapter: Chefs' Manifesto
    The Chefs’ Manifesto – JOIN US
  32. Chefs’ Manifesto
  33. Chefs’ Manifesto Presentation
  34. Investment in Livelihoods
  35. Podcast Episode: Area 3 “‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčInvestment in Livelihoods”
  36. Recipe Book (English, Spanish)
  37. QUIZ: Orzotto
    1 Quiz
  38. QUIZ: Spaghettini
    1 Quiz
  39. QUIZ: Lobster
    1 Quiz
  40. QUIZ: Oyster
    1 Quiz
  41. QUIZ: Chicken
    1 Quiz
  42. Before you go
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QUIZ: Spaghettini

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