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  1. Chapter 1 – Course Presentation and Recipe Book
    Course presentation
  2. What you’ll learn?
  3. Recommended equipment
  4. Meet your instructor
  5. 30-second challenge
  6. Recipe book (English, Spanish)
  7. Chapter 2 – Introduction to Eclairs
    What is an ├ęclair? Fillings, decorations and cooking tips
  8. Preparation of the choux dough
  9. Preparation of the chocolate choux dough
  10. QUIZ: Introduction
    1 Quiz
  11. Chapter 8 – Pure Vanilla Eclair
    Pure Vanilla Cream: Presentation of ingredients
  12. Preparation of the pure vanilla cream
  13. Pure Vanilla Éclair: Finishing and presentation
  14. QUIZ: Pure Vanilla Eclair
    1 Quiz
  15. Chapter 7 – Matcha Eclair
    Matcha cream: Presentation and preparation
  16. Preparation of matcha whipped ganache
  17. Matcha ├ęclair: Finishing and presentation
  18. QUIZ: Matcha
    1 Quiz
  19. Chapter 3 – Chocolate Eclair
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the chocolate cream
  20. Preparation of the chocolate glaze
  21. Chocolate ├ęclair: Finishing and presentation
  22. QUIZ: Chocolate
    1 Quiz
  23. Chapter 6 – Double Chocolate Eclair
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the whipped chocolate ganache
  24. Double chocolate ├ęclair: Finishing and presentation
  25. QUIZ: Double chocolate
    1 Quiz
  26. Chapter 4 – Cheesecake Eclair
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the cheesecake cream
  27. Cheesecake ├ęclair: Finishing and presentation
  28. QUIZ: Cheesecake
    1 Quiz
  29. Chapter 9 – Lime and Coconut Eclair
    Presentation and preparation of the lime and coconut cream
  30. Lime and coconut ├ęclair: Finishing and presentation
  31. QUIZ: Lime and coconut
    1 Quiz
  32. Chapter 10 – Coffee and Almond Eclair
    Coffee and Almond Éclair: Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the coffee cream
  33. Preparation of the caramelized almonds
  34. Coffee and Almond Éclair: Finishing and presentation
  35. QUIZ: Coffee and Almond
    1 Quiz
  36. Chapter 5 – Hazelnut Eclair
    Hazelnut Éclair: Presentation of ingredients
  37. Preparation of pralin├ę chantilly
  38. Hazelnut Éclair: Finishing and presentation
  39. QUIZ: Hazelnut
    1 Quiz
  40. Before you go
    Related courses
  41. Preparation of the white glaze
  42. Share with the Community
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