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Croissants and Viennoiserie

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  1. Chapter 1 – Presentation and Recipe Book
    About this course
  2. Meet your instructor
  3. Chapter 2 – Introduction to croissants and viennoiserie
    Détrempe: Preparation of the croissant dough
  4. Block fermentation
  5. Butterblock and lamination
  6. Chapter 3 – Classic Plain Croissant
    Croissant: Lamination, shaping, fermentation and baking
  7. Croissant: Finishing and presentation
  8. Chapter 4 – Pain au Chocolat
    Pain au Chocolat: Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the cocoa detrempe
  9. Lamination and shaping of the Pain au Chocolat
  10. Preparation of the glaze
  11. Pain au Chocolat: Finishing and presentation
  12. Chapter 5 – Hazelnut Pain aux Raisin
    Hazelnut Pain aux Raisin: Presentation and preparation of the vanilla pastry cream
  13. Preparation of the rum soaked raisins
  14. Lamination and preparation of the Pain aux Raisin
  15. Pain aux Raisin: Finishing and presentation
  16. Chapter 6 – Rocher Croissant Roll
    Rocher: Presentation and preparation of the gianduja ganache
  17. Lamination and shaping of the Rocher Croissant Roll
  18. Preparation of the crunchy milk chocolate
  19. Rocher Croissant: Finishing and presentation
  20. Chapter 7 – Strawberry Mascarpone Croissant
    Strawberry Mascarpone Croissant: Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the red détrempe
  21. Lamination and shaping of the Strawberry Mascarpone Croissant
  22. Preparation of the mascarpone cream
  23. Preparation of the strawberry cream
  24. Strawberry Mascarpone Croissant: Finishing and presentation
  25. Preparation of the poached pears in syrup
  26. Chapter 8 – Croissant Tarts
    Frangipane: Presentation and preparation of the almond vanilla frangipane
  27. Shaping and baking the tarts
  28. Filling and finishing the Pear Frangipane Tart & Flan Tart
  29. Chapter 9 – Brioche: Regular, Saint Tropezienne, Sugar
    Détrempe: Preparation of the brioche dough
  30. Scaling and shaping the brioche dough
  31. Topping and baking the brioche
  32. Preparation of the mango pastry cream
  33. Brioches: Finishing and presentation
  34. What you’ll learn
  35. Recipe Book (English, Spanish)
  36. More information about Antonio Bachour
  37. Before you go
    Related courses
  38. Recommended Equipment
  39. QUIZ: Introduction to croissants and viennoiserie
    1 Quiz
  40. QUIZ: Classic Plain Croissant
    1 Quiz
  41. QUIZ: Pain au Chocolat
    1 Quiz
  42. QUIZ: Pain aux Raisin
    1 Quiz
  43. QUIZ: Rocher Croissant Roll
    1 Quiz
  44. QUIZ: Strawberry Mascarpone Croissant
    1 Quiz
  45. QUIZ: Croissant Tarts
    1 Quiz
  46. QUIZ: Brioche
    1 Quiz
  47. Share what you have learned
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QUIZ: Croissant Tarts

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