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Mexican Tacos

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  1. Chapter 1 – Presentation and Recipe Book
    About this course
  2. What you’ll learn
  3. Meet your instructor
  4. Recommended equipment
  5. Recipe Book (English, Spanish, French, German)
  6. Chapter 2 – Introduction to the World of Tacos
    Introduction to the world of tacos
  7. QUIZ: Information
    1 Quiz
  8. Chapter 3 – Tacos Dorados (Flautas)
    The concept of flautas and preparation of salsa verde
  9. Preparation of crunchy filled flautas
  10. Finishing and presentation of the flautas doradas
  11. QUIZ: Flautas
    1 Quiz
  12. Chapter 4 – Taco al Pastor
    Taco al Pastor: Presentation of ingredients
  13. Assembling and cooking
  14. Preparation of red sauce
  15. Taco al Pastor: Finishing and presentation
  16. QUIZ: Taco al pastor
    1 Quiz
  17. Chapter 5 – Grilled Nopal Taco
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of grilled nopal
  18. Preparation of green sauce with avocado
  19. Grilled nopal taco: Finishing and presentation
  20. QUIZ: Nopal taco
    1 Quiz
  21. CapĆ­tulo 6 – Fried shrimp tacos
    Shrimp taco: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  22. Preparation of the batter and frying the shrimp
  23. Fried shrimp tacos: Finishing and presentation
  24. QUIZ: Shrimp taco
    1 Quiz
  25. Chapter 7 – Tacos de Carnitas MichoacĆ”n style
    Tacos de Carnitas: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  26. Cooking the meat MichoacƔn style
  27. Preparation of habanero chilli red sauce
  28. Taco de Carnitas: Finishing and presentation
  29. QUIZ: Taco carnitas
    1 Quiz
  30. Chapter 8 – Tacos Placeros
    Tacos Placeros: Presentation of ingredients
  31. Preparation of red sauce in the molcajete
  32. Taco Placero: Finishing and presentation
  33. QUIZ: Taco placero
    1 Quiz
  34. Chapter 9 – Tacos Cochinita Pibil
    Presentation of ingredients and assembly of the Cochinita Pibil Taco
  35. QUIZ: Taco cochinita pibil
    1 Quiz
  36. Chapter 10 – Tacos de Mixiote
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the adobo
  37. Assembling and steaming the mixiotes
  38. Preparing the habanero chilli and pineapple salsa
  39. Taco de mixote: Finishing and presentation
  40. QUIZ: Taco de mixiote
    1 Quiz
  41. Chapter 11 – Tacos de Guisado
    Presentation of ingredients and preparation of the chicken tinga
  42. Preparation of the red rice
  43. Taco de guisado: Finishing and presentation
  44. QUIZ: Tacos de guisado
    1 Quiz
  45. Before you go
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QUIZ: Flautas

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